About Us

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Hello and welcome to Bingo Bongo. We’re online bingo fans who have established the site so we can share our passion with likewise souls. Despite any claims to the contrary, we think that those who choose to play bingo are just as trendy as folk who prefer poker, slots or table games. Although perhaps the fact that we are happy to use slang words like ‘trendy’ would suggest that we’re anything but that! Still, we hope that you find the site helpful.

Honest, Fair Bingo Reviews

We’re committed to reviewing all types of online bingo providers. And yes, that means the crap ones too. We’re an independent website so we’re not funded by any of those providers, so we can say whatever we like about them. We call a spade and spade, and a bad a bingo site, a bad bingo site. You can expect honest, forthright reviews and views from all our writers. We welcome your opinions too, so feel free to get in touch.

The Popularity of Online Bingo

Bingo is often unfairly associated with old folk sitting in a sticky room with badly patterned carpets and competing for a small amount of cash or the chance to win a kettle. Well, let us tell you a couple of things at this juncture. Firstly, there’s nothing wrong with that (naturally). But second, it’s an outdated view of one of the most popular forms of gaming. The internet has changed everything. Millions of enthusiasts now play bingo online every week. The digital age has brought a traditional game to an entirely new audience.

So Why Play Bingo?

Bingo is essentially a simple game of elimination. You start with a unique sequence of numbers on a card, and as numbers are drawn from a ‘hat’ (or ‘virtual’ hat), you chalk off them off. The first person to eliminate a line of numbers or later, 2 lines and then every number on the card, wins. It’s simplicity makes it hugely accessible and beginners are just as likely to win as seasoned pros. It’s also a social game, and many online bingo sites have worked hard to recreate that element of the experience via chat functions and forums.

Picking the Right Online Bingo Site For You

There are hundreds and hundreds of online bingo sites now in operation. So, how do you possibly pick the best for you? There’s no definitive answer to that question, it’s often down the personal preference. However, there are certain attributes that you would do well to consider. Many people will favour the welcome bonus package above all else. Others might have a preference for a particular software, or a site that puts a greater emphasis on community building. Others will lean towards sites that can offer other types of gaming as well. Whatever you like, Bingo Bongo will help you find it!

Let Our Reviews Help You

Here at Bingo Bongo, we’ll take all those attributes into consideration, as well as other factors like site design and ease of use. We’ll mix them together, rate them between us and provide you with comprehensive, transparent and candid reviews of the best and worst bingo websites that the internet has to offer. We hope you find all that helpful, or else there wouldn’t be much point in us writing them in the first place. So, explore away and if you have any comments to make or issues to report, do let us know. We’d love to hear from you!