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If you’re a fan of bingo then you know how great and exciting it can be. While bingo has been around for a long time, the concept of playing it online might be alien to some, especially considering the strong social aspect which does a lot to add to the fun. UK Bingo sites are a fairly recent phenomenon and many people are still not sure whether they want to try them out or not.

So what are the most common forms of online casino bonuses you could expect? How should you choose them to maximise your chances of winning real cash?

Here at UK Bingo Bonus, we recognise that it’s important to find the best online bingo sites and we dedicate most of our time to finding them. We keep updating the lists depending on which sites are offering the best deals at any time so our lists are always up to date.

Play Your Favourite Online Bingo in the UK

Bingo sites are different and cater to different communities of people. However, there are always some that will stand out because of their unique offers and great approach to the industry. Here at UK Bingo Bonus, we always look for the best combination of qualities before deciding which sites to list. There are a few things that stand out for the best bingo sites out there.


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The Online Bingo Community

One of the biggest fears for people is how they’ll lose the sense of community when they play online bingo. However, there are many sites which dispel this fear by creating vibrant communities for their members. On many bingo sites, you can join the online community, meet like-minded individuals, and talk to them as you play, recreating the very same effect as with real-life bingo games.

Great UK Bingo Offers

It is interesting to note that most of the top online casinos are behind most of the bingo sites you will play. UK online casinos, such as Unibet, Winks and Sky use bingo as a promotional tool to attract more players to other games like slots. As a consequence, you will tend to find bingo promotions to be far more enticing than the welcome offers at even the best online casinos slot games, poker or roulette. Even more noticeable is the wagering requirements are 4x or 3x on bingo promotions; while on slot games it’s 20x or 30x. It pays to start will bingo!

No matter how much money you’re bringing to the table, you will want a great deal. One major advantage that online bingo sites have, as opposed to real-life bingo sites, is the offers. Online bingo sites tend to offer great offers that give a lot of value to the members.

Everyone will obviously look for the best opportunity to profit from their money when they visit a bingo site. Bingo sites in the UK try to offer this through various promotions and bonuses, particularly for members who are signing up for the first time. They might also offer bonuses for regular members to encourage them to stay in the site.

UK Bingo bonus looks for the sites offering the best genuine bonuses and promotions for new members as well as ongoing members. Another type of promotion that gives massive value to players is seasonal promotions. Whether it’s a special jackpot, a Christmas offer, or chances to win non-cash prizes, we sniff out these sites and bring them to you in a constantly updated list.

Variations On Bingo Games & Casinos

Bingo is definitely a great game. However, variations on the vanilla version of bingo can be great too. We like to see as many variations on the game as we can, especially when they offer even better opportunities to the players to win cash. Generally, variations will include things like the type of jackpot, the ball (80-ball and 50-ball as opposed to 90 and 75-ball games), and the odds on bets.

Some great sites will even offer other great games to play apart from bingo for those who want a change every now and then. People who like bingo tend to like similar games as well. Examples include poker, scratch cards and various table casino games. It’s also great to find a site with a dedicated native app so you can play all of these games from the comfort of your mobile phone.

Security & Fair Play

We all know how unsafe things can get in the online world. We never make a compromise on the security of a site before adding it to our listing. Our rule is: If it isn’t safe, then it shouldn’t exist to begin with. Before we list a site, we verify that is licensed and regulated by all the relevant bodies and that it takes great measures to safeguard your details, especially private ones.

Here at UK Bingo Bonus, we do all the preliminaries on your behalf and all that’s left to you is to choose from a curated list of the best online bingo sites in the UK. Check out some of our sites, have fun, win some money, and keep visiting to see our latest deals with all the incredible deals and offers!

Bingo Terms

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Bingo terms, bingo lingor or bingo calls… they’re always colourful and expressive. We present you the full list of bingo terms which you will hear during UK bingo game. Of the 90 terms, over half are based on Cockney rhyming slang. A classical example being 25, “duck and dive”.

UK Bingo Bonus favourites include legs 11 , dirtie gertie 30 and chicken vindaloo.

What’s your favourite online bingo lingo?

Bingo Terms 1 to 10

1 Kelly’s Eye
2 Me and you
3 You and me
4 Knock at the Door
5 Man Alive
6 Half a dozen
7 Lucky Seven
8 Garden Gate
9 Doctor’s Orders
10 Cameron’s Den

Bingo Terms 11 to 20

11 Legs 11
12 One Dozen
13 Unlucky for Some
14 The Lawnmower
15 Young and Keen
16 Never been kissed
17 Dancing Queen
18 Coming of Age
19 Goodbye Teens
20 One Score

Bingo Terms 21 to 30

21 Royal Salute
22 Two Little Ducks
23 Thee and Me
24 Two Dozen
25 Duck and Dive
26 Pick and Mix
27 Duck and a crutch.
28 Two and eight, in a state.
29 Rise and Shine
30 Dirty Gertie

Bingo Terms 31 to 40

31 Get Up and Run
32 Buckle My Shoe
33 All the threes
34 Ask for More
35 Jump and Jive
36 Three Dozen
37 More than 11
38 Christmas Cake
39 Steps
40 Naughty 40

Bingo Terms 41 to 50

41 Time for Fun
42 Winnie the Pooh
43 Down on Your Knees
44 Droopy Drawers
45 Halfway There
46 Up to Tricks
47 Four and Seven
48 Four Dozen
49 PC
50 Half a Century

Bingo Terms 51 to 60

51 Tweak of the Thumb
52 Chicken vindaloo
53 Stuck in the Tree
54 Clean the Floor
55 Snakes Alive
56 Was She Worth It?
57 Heinz Varieties
58 Make Them Wait
59 Brighton Line
60 Five Dozen

Bingo Terms 61 to 70

61 Bakers Bun
62 Turn the Screw
63 Tickle Me 63
64 Red Raw
65 Old Age Pension
66 Clickety Click
67 Made in Heaven
68 Saving Grace
69 Either Way Up
70 Three Score and 10

Bingo Terms 71 to 80

71 Bang on the Drum
72 Six Dozen
73 Queen B
74 Candy Store
75 Strive and Strive
76 Trombones
77 Sunset Strip
78 Heaven’s Gate
79 One More Time
80 Eight and Blank

Bingo Terms 81 to 90

81 Stop and Run
82 Straight On Through
83 Time for Tea
84 Seven Dozen
85 Staying Alive
86 Between the Sticks
87 Torquay in Devon
88 Two Fat Ladies
89 Nearly There
90 Top of the Shop

I’ve never really understood why 49 is “PC”  or 1 is “Kelly’s Eye”. Nevermind! Do you know any  other versions you would like to share?

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What to Look For in a Bingo Bonus

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Most online gaming platforms use a welcome bingo bonus to attract new players, and bingo sites are rarely different. Some will provide you with a few free tickets just for taking the time to register, while most reward you handsomely for your first deposit. It’s always tempting to simply look at the amount you receive when choosing between different deals. But your assessment process should include other considerations too. We’ll take a look at some of them in this article.

What Are Bingo Bonuses?

Bingo bonuses tend to follow a similar format. Sites will award either free cash or free tickets to new players so they can play some games for free. The bonus has a dual purpose. Firstly, it will encourage you to register so you can take advantage of a chance to play for free. Secondly, the bonus provides you with the perfect opportunity to have a look around and settle in before you risk any significant money of your own. Those who operate the platforms hope that you fall in love with the site during this period and keep returning to spend your own cash.

Types of Bingo Bonus

The concept of the ‘no deposit bonus’ exists in online bingo, but it isn’t as prevalent as it is in other forms of gambling, especially online casino. This is a bonus awarded without any obligation to deposit or spend money. Typically, a player will receive it when they register with a bingo site but before he or she makes a first deposit.

Most bonuses are provided when you make your first deposit though. A lot of sites will insist on a minimum deposit amount to trigger the bonus; £10 is a common standard. Your bonus will tend to consist of free tickets or free cash. The two are broadly similar, effectively providing you with the means to play games for free. However, cash tends to give you the freedom to choose your game, while tickets limit you to specified games.

Although I’ve already told you that you shouldn’t just look at the size of a bingo bonus, I’m not in any way claiming that size doesn’t matter at all. Of course it does. The bigger your bonus, the longer it will last. If you have more tickets (or more cash to buy tickets), you have more chances to win. It’s simple maths. Bonuses can vary significantly in size so it’s worth shopping around if you’re after the highest value bonus you can get your mitts on.

Wagering Requirements

We’d recommend that you prioritise the size of the wagering requirements attached to a bonus as highly as you value the size of the bonus itself. Wagering requirements are a key component of numerous online bingo bonuses and they effectively limit access to your winnings until you’ve fulfilled certain ‘playthrough’ requirements.

This means that you need to bet the value of the bonus (and sometimes your deposit too) several times over before you can withdraw any additional cash generated from it. To take an example, let’s say you have a £10 bonus with x4 wagering requirements. You use up your bonus and win £20 in the process. You can’t convert that £20 into real cash until you play another £40 worth of bingo games (£10 x 4), and if you lose the winnings while doing so, they are gone for good.

Maximum Win Limits

Understanding wagering requirements is crucial if you want to assess the true worth of any bingo bonus. It’s shouldn’t be the only consideration though. Some sites also impose a maximum win ceiling upon any bonus to reduce their exposure to significant losses. Limits of £100 or £200 are regular features of bonuses, so make sure you check the terms and conditions of any bonus so you know what you’re getting.

Non-Bingo Bonuses

Online bingo tends to be attached to other forms of gaming. The games often form part of a wider online casino and can be attached to sports betting too. This multi-platform approach gives you the opportunity to pick up other types of bonus when you register as a bingo player. Take Bingo Minions, for example. Despite its name, the site’s welcome offer provides free spins to use on slot games in the online casino.

The Bottom Line on Bingo Bonuses

Bingo Bonuses are great, but it’s important that you judge them on more than just size. Sites (perhaps understandably) reduce their exposure to risk by imposing certain terms and conditions like wagering requirements and maximum win ceilings. These terms reduce your chances of winning significant sums with your bonus.

We never view bonuses as a chance to win big. It’s not their core purpose. They do, however, let you try out new sites for free and see whether you like them while risking little or none of your own cash. That said, you are playing ‘for real’ when you use a bonus so there is always a chance that you could end up winning some funds. Any win is a true ‘bonus’ though, so don’t expect it to happen and just enjoy the chance to play for free.

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