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If you’re a fan of bingo then you know how great and exciting it can be. While bingo has been around for a long time, the concept of playing it online might be alien to some, especially considering the strong social aspect which does a lot to add to the fun. UK Bingo sites are a fairly recent phenomenon and many people are still not sure whether they want to try them out or not.

So what are the most common forms of online casino bonuses you could expect? How should you choose them to maximise your chances of winning real cash?

Here at UK Bingo Bonus, we recognise that it’s important to find the best online bingo sites and we dedicate most of our time to finding them. We keep updating the lists depending on which sites are offering the best deals at any time so our lists are always up to date.

Play Your Favourite Online Bingo in the UK

Bingo sites are different and cater to different communities of people. However, there are always some that will stand out because of their unique offers and great approach to the industry. Here at UK Bingo Bonus, we always look for the best combination of qualities before deciding which sites to list. There are a few things that stand out for the best bingo sites out there.


Tombola Bingo

Tombola Bingo is one of the best bingo sites in UK. It specializes exclusively in, as the name implies, bingo games. In addition to having this selection of three games [...]

The first time you visit the Bingo on the box, you will see a massive homepage with countless games displayed, bonuses and all you need to know about this casino. It has been with us since 2011, and it operates using Microgaming games. The casino is very popular and desirable at the moment.

Dream Bingo was launched in 2005, and it operated under UK license. The site is very popular and highly appreciated among true bingo addicts. It won several rewards of which one is Best Microgaming Bingo Site 2018

32 red Bingo was launched in 2003 and since then had two major revisions. Today, this casino is appreciated for low withdrawal limit, great promotions and all kinds of games [...]

888 ladies Bingo is a member of Cassava’s 888 company, and it is one of the most appealing online sites to play bingo, especially if you are from the United [...]

Popular Free Spins No Deposit No Wager Offers

Many bingo sites and online casino casinos offer some incredible new player welcome bonuses. The ever so popular free spins no deposit no wager offers are the best. These bonuses are akin to try before you buy pastry bites in a bakery. They are designed to give new players a short experience to love the casino but at the same time not being over generous, so the casino does not lose money. There are essentially three main types of bonuses for new players.

  1. free spins no deposit no wager – without a doubt this is the best bonus. It is literally free money. Whatever you win from the free spins you keep. Awesome if you can get it!
  2. free spins with wager – this is by far the most popular offer available to new players. This offer means anything you win has to be wagered, usually 35x. It gives the casino a chance to win back their money.
  3. Deposit % match – this bonus gives you extra money to play with after deposit.

The Online Bingo Community

One of the biggest fears for people is how they’ll lose the sense of community when they play online bingo. However, there are many sites which dispel this fear by creating vibrant communities for their members. On many bingo sites, you can join the online community, meet like-minded individuals, and talk to them as you play, recreating the very same effect as with real-life bingo games.

Great UK Bingo Offers

It is interesting to note that most of the top online casinos are behind most of the bingo sites you will play. UK online casinos, such as Unibet, Winks and Sky use bingo as a promotional tool to attract more players to other games like slots. As a consequence, you will tend to find bingo promotions to be far more enticing than the welcome offers at even the best online casinos slot games, poker or roulette. Even more noticeable is the wagering requirements are 4x or 3x on bingo promotions; while on slot games it’s 20x or 30x. It pays to start will bingo!

No matter how much money you’re bringing to the table, you will want a great deal. One major advantage that online bingo sites have, as opposed to real-life bingo sites, is the offers. Online bingo sites tend to offer great offers that give a lot of value to the members.

Everyone will obviously look for the best opportunity to profit from their money when they visit a bingo site. Bingo sites in the UK try to offer this through various promotions and bonuses, particularly for members who are signing up for the first time. They might also offer bonuses for regular members to encourage them to stay in the site.

UK Bingo bonus looks for the sites offering the best genuine bonuses and promotions for new members as well as ongoing members. Another type of promotion that gives massive value to players is seasonal promotions. Whether it’s a special jackpot, a Christmas offer, or chances to win non-cash prizes, we sniff out these sites and bring them to you in a constantly updated list.

Variations On Bingo Games & Casinos

Bingo is definitely a great game. However, variations on the vanilla version of bingo can be great too. We like to see as many variations on the game as we can, especially when they offer even better opportunities to the players to win cash. Generally, variations will include things like the type of jackpot, the ball (80-ball and 50-ball as opposed to 90 and 75-ball games), and the odds on bets.

Some great sites will even offer other great games to play apart from bingo for those who want a change every now and then. People who like bingo tend to like similar games as well. Examples include poker, scratch cards and various table casino games. It’s also great to find a site with a dedicated native app so you can play all of these games from the comfort of your mobile phone.

Security & Fair Play

We all know how unsafe things can get in the online world. We never make a compromise on the security of a site before adding it to our listing. Our rule is: If it isn’t safe, then it shouldn’t exist to begin with. Before we list a site, we verify that is licensed and regulated by all the relevant bodies and that it takes great measures to safeguard your details, especially private ones.

Here at UK Bingo Bonus, we do all the preliminaries on your behalf and all that’s left to you is to choose from a curated list of the best online bingo sites in the UK. Check out some of our sites, have fun, win some money, and keep visiting to see our latest deals with all the incredible deals and offers!

UK Bingo Bonus Posts

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For the fans of UK bingo, it is difficult to trust an online bingo game. They look for the feel and fun of the game and think it is not possible in an online bingo room. While actually, it is kind of the same. It is a room where you can play your favourite bingo. Just that it’s over the internet. But that will not take any fun out of the game. In fact, you can sit in your home, in your comfortable spot and play whenever you like. Your favourite game has all its versions available on the internet  75 ball gasible in an online bingo roomsme, 90 ball bingo game as well as the 5-line bingo. Choose whichever you like the best and start playing.


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If you are anything like UK Bingo Bonus, then you too would agree that when it comes to jackpots, no matter how much you earn, it always feels less. Jackpots are the greatest and the most exciting adventures that bingo players can ever set on. If you too wish to play big and earn more, Bingo Jackpots may soon be your new BFF. There are various types of Bingo Jackpots out in the online casino world. We bring you a complete list of these Bingo Jackpots and how you can ace at them.


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Bingo is one of the most popular and entertaining games available on the internet or television. Bingo is a risk-free game which helps you pass your time, and you can also wing some money if you are interested. There are many jackpots which can help you win the game and help you get your money back along with the good profits. Bingo jackpot can help you win massing amount of cash in a single game. There are many different types of jackpots such as coverall jackpots, progressive jackpot and guaranteed Jackpots.


Bingo Terms

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Bingo terms, bingo lingor or bingo calls… they’re always colourful and expressive. We present you the full list of bingo terms which you will hear during UK bingo game. Of the 90 terms, over half are based on Cockney rhyming slang. A classical example being 25, “duck and dive”. Check out the bingo calls at Wink Bingo


What to Look For in a Bingo Bonus

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Most online gaming platforms use a welcome bingo bonus to attract new players, and bingo sites are rarely different. Some will provide you with a few free tickets just for taking the time to register, while most reward you handsomely for your first deposit. It’s always tempting to simply look at the amount you receive when choosing between different deals. But your assessment process should include other considerations too. We’ll take a look at some of them in this article.