Progressive Bingo Jackpot

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Bingo is one of the most popular and entertaining games available on the internet or television. Bingo is a risk-free game which helps you pass your time, and you can also wing some money if you are interested. There are many jackpots which can help you win the game and help you get your money back along with the good profits. Bingo jackpot can help you win massing amount of cash in a single game. There are many different types of jackpots such as coverall jackpots, progressive jackpot and guaranteed Jackpots.

Bingo Jackpot

It is true that games are meant for enjoyment, but it is also true that you should aim for a win. Bingo jackpot can help you win more than you can win in a regular game.

Progressive Jackpot

As the game progresses, the amount of jackpot also increases, until someone wins that jackpot making it worth your time and money. Every time a player buys a ticket, the number of progressive jackpot increases. Winning amount from the jackpots depends on the contribution rate tickets purchased from bonus funds contribute less than those purchased with real money. Once the jackpot is won, a new ticket is automatically created which will start with the initial amount of bidding. If there is a tie, the jackpot is divided equally among every winner. The jackpot meter shows the amount of money which you can win through progressive jackpot.

Coverall Jackpot

Unlike progressive jackpots, it starts with a higher amount and the value of the jackpot decreases once the game ends and there is no winner. The amount of bingo jackpot also decreases with the number of calls. In this type of jackpots, the number of calls is limited.

Guaranteed Jackpot

In this type of bingo jackpot, the prize money is fixed, and there is no increase or decrease unlike the other two. This type of jackpot has the maximum number of players because of the fixed prize money.

How to choose the bingo jackpot?

Choosing a jackpot is easy as you can win all the jackpots, but you have to be careful and be patient with your win. All you need to do is familiarise yourself with the game and know what type of player you are so that it will be easy for you to select your jackpots so that you can win and enjoy the game.

Progressive bingo jackpot can help you win highest prize money from a single game as compared to others. The game had a limited number of calls and the prize money increases and carried over to the next game. Once we have the winner, the prize money resets and starts with the initial amount so that it can grow again for someone to win. There are two things which make it better than others bingo jackpots, i.e. a limited number of calls and variable and highest prize money. All these jackpots can help you win a decent amount of money, and you will be able to enjoy your quality time playing.

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